Peace – Prayer – Joy – Love

Sermons on 1 John


Belonging Thomas; Desiring Community

Welcome To The Annual “Doubting” Thomas Sunday. “Doubting” Thomas is a nearly annual fixture in the liturgical year. I’ve been pondering Thomas’ situation; does he just want to belong? He’s no different than the other Disciples; skeptical & wanting to see. Do We Find Comfort/Superiority In Scolding Thomas’ Doubt? What is it in us that…

Opening a gift

Responding to God’s Gifts

We’ve been talking about Gifts lately.         Christmas Gifts                 Holiday Gifts to Each Other                 Magi Gifts to the Holy Family         Divine Gospel Gifts                 Prophesy Embodied – God in Flesh                 Divine Faithfulness – God’s Generous Legacy         Ministry Partnership Gifts                 Embarking on our Journey Together                 Our New Secretary -…

The Church is: Love

Once every now and then a summer movie actually lives up to the title, “Blockbuster.” The Secret Life of Pets, in my book, is one such movie. The story is about Max, a cute little mutt whose life comes under attack when Duke, an enormous rescue dog, moves into the small Manhattan apartment. As one jealous dog tries to sabotage the other,…