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Sunlight Windows

Pledged to Kingdom Building

Story of a Church Pledged to Kingdom Building & Likeness A little background for us about College Church in Marion, IN. An intentional choice to better reflect the Kingdom in their community. A visible change in the congregation’s composition & impact. Working & Giving Together Toward Kingdom Building Here Building a Kingdom outpost right here…


Water and Spirit

Back From Vacation I heard good things about Ed’s message last week. I heard about circling up and holding hands in unity. That unity theme actually carries on into this week’s message… But First: Why Did Jesus Get Baptized? John’s baptism is for repentance, but Jesus had nothing to repent. In Matthew’s account John points…

The Tricky Business of Books and Covers

The Tricky Business of Books and Covers J.S. Bach or Billy Joel? Billy Joel’s background Born May 9, 1949 in the Bronx, New York Father accomplished classical pianist, & encouraged by his mother Dropped out of high school to pursue music performing Frustratd Rock Star, Lounge Pianist in Vegas, Successful Rock Star Highly acclaimed Hall of Famer & Grammy Legend Accomplished classical…