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Sermons on Ephesians

Banded Together to Develop & Inspire

Banded Together to Develop & Inspire

Becoming Our Best Selves: Developed & Inspired Together Reporting from yesterday’s Leadership Strategic Planning Retreat. A beautiful day in a beautiful setting. The lake was singing to us! Analysis, Synthesis, & Application – matching strengths & needs. A little dreaming and a little believing – covenant commitment. Reminds me of a time & place where…

Dress Faithfully

How many people remember the name Joey Buttafuoco? He made national news when his affair with a 16 year-old girl, Amy Fisher, was exposed after Fisher attempted to kill Buttafuoco’s wife. It was an ugly story that not only kept the late night talk show hosts well stocked in jokes, but people around the country casting all sorts of opinions and judgments. Now, there…