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Sermons on Luke

Stained Glass Sunlight

Whoa With The Woes, Man

The Passage Not In The 3 Year Common Lectionary Our narrative journey through the Gospel of Luke toward Easter SPOILERS! Jesus not a fan of Religious Empire (maybe why we are too?) Dinner invitation under false pretense (Adm. Ackbar says, “It’s a trap!”) This hand-washing thing isn’t even in Levitical law. It’s about superiority. Taking…

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Transfiguration Sunday

Spotting the “You” and “Y’all” & Why It’s Important  Contrasting Jesus; on the mountain & with the crowd Divine glorified powerful king messiah Human ordinary bound by boundaries teacher & healer Who is Jesus frustrated or exasperated with? Plural “you”/”y’all” … “perverse and faithless generation” Singular “you” … “bring your son here” Jesus taught his…