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Sermons on Mark

stormy seas


  Born In The Storm: Encountering God In The Storm Born in the storm: encountering God @Thomas’ birth Born in the storm: encountering God @Williams Prayer Chapel Born in the storm: encountering God @First Congregational Church Born in the storm: encountering God @Crisis leads to growth Crying Out To God In The Storm When you…

two girls resting on the deck

Blest Rest

A Classic Gen-X Sermon On Being Broken Direction from God one year ago; remind them how much I love them Finding myself asking recently if that message also includes me Speaking with a pastor/mentor; Gen-X preaching – “how broken I am” A Connection: Unworthy of Love, Unworthy of Rest This week’s study & experience stirred…

voices and influences

The Voices We Follow

Voices In My Head 2003-04: Voices that told me to be afraid & condemning: Fear & Anger. 2008-09: Voice that told me I was a worthless failure: Rage & Despair. Following voices that claimed authority, but gave me a false identity. Asking: What is this? A New teaching W/Authority! The Scribes were not teaching with…