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Aquilifer Antonius

King of Liberty: The Parable of Antonius the Aquilifer

Antonius was a good soldier. No. Antonius was a great soldier. At the battle of Septuaginta Trium Orientem he had distinguished himself with valor and been honored with the position of Aquilifer for his legion. That means Antonius carried the legion Aquila or Roman Eagle into battle alongside the first Centurion; a Centurion he had…

stormy seas


  Born In The Storm: Encountering God In The Storm Born in the storm: encountering God @Thomas’ birth Born in the storm: encountering God @Williams Prayer Chapel Born in the storm: encountering God @First Congregational Church Born in the storm: encountering God @Crisis leads to growth Crying Out To God In The Storm When you…

two girls resting on the deck

Blest Rest

A Classic Gen-X Sermon On Being Broken Direction from God one year ago; remind them how much I love them Finding myself asking recently if that message also includes me Speaking with a pastor/mentor; Gen-X preaching – “how broken I am” A Connection: Unworthy of Love, Unworthy of Rest This week’s study & experience stirred…