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Sermons on Communion


Water and Spirit

Back From Vacation I heard good things about Ed’s message last week. I heard about circling up and holding hands in unity. That unity theme actually carries on into this week’s message… But First: Why Did Jesus Get Baptized? John’s baptism is for repentance, but Jesus had nothing to repent. In Matthew’s account John points…


World Communion Sunday: Solidarity Through Christ

World Communion Sunday – Solidarity/Healing A Handmade Palestinian Christian Cross Picked specifically for me at my ordination Solidarity with an overlooked & misunderstood people Reminded of World Communion Sunday, Solidarity w/Global Church A World in Dire Need of Reconciliation Listening and Understanding seem to be out of style Division and Hatred and Selfishness abounds Take…

Unity in Community

As I stand before you at this Table, I reflect on the fullness of our worship today. We have already remembered the names of loved ones who have moved on to be with God. We’ve celebrated the holy rite of baptism, welcoming another beautiful child of God into the body of Christ. And soon we will partake in the communion meal, remembering…