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Sermons on Empire & Kingdom

Stained Glass Sunlight

Whoa With The Woes, Man

The Passage Not In The 3 Year Common Lectionary Our narrative journey through the Gospel of Luke toward Easter SPOILERS! Jesus not a fan of Religious Empire (maybe why we are too?) Dinner invitation under false pretense (Adm. Ackbar says, “It’s a trap!”) This hand-washing thing isn’t even in Levitical law. It’s about superiority. Taking…

That Escalated Quickly!

In The Words Of Ron Burgundy: “Boy, That Escalated Quickly.”  What a fast transition from amazement to rage. They went from speaking well of Jesus to attempting to murder him. Does it seem unclear why there’s such a rapid and dramatic change? When The Crowd Turned Into A Mob, & Why They Turned. They identified Jesus w/the familiarity of a local boy…