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Sermons on Identity


A Pilgrim Heritage of Faith & Thanksgiving

Sep-Nov 1620 Pilgrims Journey To Found Plymouth Colony So convicted to live their lives according to their faith were they that: They endured multiple discouraging setbacks before setting out, They weathered late season high seas, sickness and even death, & Suffered all winter onboard the squalid over-crowded Mayflower. They were a people driven by faith/conviction…

King of Liberty: The Parable of Antonius the Aquilifer

Antonius was a good soldier. No. Antonius was a great soldier. At the battle of Septuaginta Trium Orientem he had distinguished himself with valor and been honored with the position of Aquilifer for his legion. That means Antonius carried the legion Aquila or Roman Eagle into battle alongside the first Centurion; a Centurion he had grown to know as friend. Antonius and…

Who We Are: Our Historic Roots

Our Historic Roots

Checking our ancestral DNA The Reformation: Background of Congregationalism 500 Years Ago – Oct. 31, 1517 Martin Luther’s 95 Theses Three Streams of Reformation: German – Luther Swiss – Zwingli & Calvin English – King Henry (1521 Defender, 1534 Supremacy) Origins of Congregationalism Puritans Purify the Church of England of “papist innovations.” Presbyterians – elected…