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Sermons on Mercy

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Take Heart, He Is Calling You

Overlooking Bartimaeus Greenville panhandlers, homeless, needy, & disabilities The humanity stripping invisibility of being ignored The forgotten within our own community Our ministries to Bart in danger & my desire to not cut back on those The Good News of God’s Love – dignifiying invisible Barts Prayer & counseling – supporting struggling Barts DDF –…



Forgiveness (Matt 18:21-35) This is getting Personal A personal story of forgiveness What’s the hardest thing YOU’VE ever had to forgive? What’s the hardest thing YOU’VE ever had to be forgiven? Forgiveness is Hard! What does Forgiveness mean? The struggle between justice & mercy Setting things right requires getting all the information, Forgiving someone requires…

Lord Have Mercy

“Lord have mercy on me, was the kneeling drunkards plea. And as he knelt there on the ground, I know that God in heaven looked down.” In 1996, Johnny Cash sang this remake of the Carter Family song, “Kneeling Drunkard’s Plea.” In this song, God hears the cry of a man kneeling at his mother’s grave. For whatever personal reasons, he didn’t…