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Sermons on Unity


World Communion Sunday: Solidarity Through Christ

World Communion Sunday – Solidarity/Healing A Handmade Palestinian Christian Cross Picked specifically for me at my ordination Solidarity with an overlooked & misunderstood people Reminded of World Communion Sunday, Solidarity w/Global Church A World in Dire Need of Reconciliation Listening and Understanding seem to be out of style Division and Hatred and Selfishness abounds Take…

Stand Firm on the Promise of God’s Righteousness

Have you ever uttered this phrase: “Lord, how much can a person bear?” If so, did you scream it out loud? Or did you stew on it silently within yourself, too afraid of sounding unfaithful? Either way, you are not alone. In fact, this is the number one question I am most frequently asked. “How much can a person bear?” This is…