Peace – Prayer – Joy – Love

Sermons from November 2018


A Pilgrim Heritage of Faith & Thanksgiving

Sep-Nov 1620 Pilgrims Journey To Found Plymouth Colony So convicted to live their lives according to their faith were they that: They endured multiple discouraging setbacks before setting out, They weathered late season high seas, sickness and even death, & Suffered all winter onboard the squalid over-crowded Mayflower. They were a people driven by faith/conviction…

Armistice Veterans Day 100

No Greater Love

100 Years After Armistice Armistice Day audio clip 100thAnniversary of Armistice Day today; this very hour. Honestly, feels like a continuation of our Remembrance Sunday. Today we remember the sacrifices & service offered & embodied. The Reality Of Grief In Our Lives Wars/conflict still makes geographical separation a reality in our families Death still makes…