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A Good Remembrance

A Good Remembrance

A Good Remembrance

  1. Who We Are series – exploring our Congregationalist heritage.
    1. We’ve been talking about dates & ideas & people we’ve never met
    2. Today we pause to remember that heritage we’ve touched & heard
  2. Our Own Great Cloud of Witnesses – who have finished their race.
    1. The author of Hebrews encourages us by pointing to the great heroes of the faith, and we have been studying the heroes of our faith tribe; who have taken their honored place in our “great cloud of witnesses”.
    2. Luanne Crankshaw was good-hearted, caring, and thoughtful. She would crochet baby blankets for everyone. She so loved holding those babies.
    3. Sherry Rood was a kind-hearted, spontaneous adventurer who loved driving her beloved Mustang, using it as a way to help people. She shuttled so many people after dark that they called her “Night Rider”.
    4. Bonnie Guthrie was an unforgettably sassy & spontaneous hair & fashion trendsetter who found joy in seeing other people happy
      (even when it came at her own expense when she didn’t have much).
    5. Richard Ranney was a sharp intellect, full of joyful humor who enjoyed photography, golf, skiing, and the family business. He so loved his wife, his family, and his community, where he created so many great stories.
    6. James “Jim” Butts was a sincere, unpretentious, & genuinely honest man of deep faith who pressed on without complaint no matter what came. He kept his sense of humor & he loved his wife, his family, & his church.
    7. Beverly Wilkes was caring, fun, & energetic. She lived a good life among family & friends she so loved. Bev rose early to have coffee with friends, enjoyed traveling, dancing, golfing, skiing & reading to the kids at school.
    8. Suzann Wright was fun-loving & happy, organized & calmly overcoming.
      She enjoyed reading, puzzles & teaching her grand children piano/music.
    9. Donny Mullins was one of the most loyal friends & fiercely family focused young men you could know; with a generous “heart of gold”.
    10. Dolores “Dee” Scoggins was a superb seamstress at a very young age; full of laughter & fun; who’s creativity bubbled over. She hand-crafted items for people. She loved reading & playing board games w/grandkids.
    11. Eileen Burke was the quirky, talented, smart businesswoman of the family; both entrepreneur & homemaker, who enjoyed sewing, cooking & baking, horses, reading & traveling. She profoundly loved her family.
    12. Roy Ferguson was virtuous & loving, fun & witty, serious & purposeful. He loved life through an eclectic diversity of passions & interests; squeezing all he could out of every moment with his beloved family.
    13. Dorothy “Dottie” Ranney was gracious, frugal, content & appreciative. She was unique, upbeat, & encouraging; seeing the positive in everyone.
      An accomplished artist who painted a portrait of our Rev. Dr. Parsons.
    14. Each one of these beloved souls has finished the race set before them, and in running, has embodied some personal piece of the Gospel for us.
  3. A Pilgrim Heritage & Legacy – connecting, embodying, and striving
    1. Connecting – Jesus is a brown-skinned, poor, first century Hebrew Jewish rabbi & divine creator of the universe embodied in human flesh.
    2. Embodying – Jesus calls us to “Follow me.” and if we obey we find ourselves on the path of a pilgrim journey; both becoming & reflecting.
    3. Striving – Jesus establishes the Church; a people gathered together in voluntary covenant to do Christ’s Kingdom building work in the world.
    4. Was, Is & Shall Be – Jesus gifts us a place in the now & ever present kingdom
  4. The Privilege of Participation in the Gospel – chosen children
    1. The Greatest Story Ever Told is God’s Loving Restoration of Creation
    2. When God Chooses You for a Unique Role in that Greatest Story
    3. Privileged to practice & play a profound personal part with posterity by participating through promised power in the Prince of Peace’s providential plan.
  5. How Can We Know The Way? – Thomas’ excellent question
    1. The Way is Jesus. We know the Way by knowing Jesus.
    2. The Lord is Jesus. We know the Father (God) by knowing Jesus.
    3. The Connection is us. Others see Jesus (God) by watching us (follow).
  6. Our Turn to Run the Race – without growing weary or losing heart
    1. Every runner we have remembered today brings us closer to the finish.
    2. Every witness who has taken the place promised & prepared for them passes the home stretch baton on to us leading those following behind.
    3. Therefore let us, as Paul encouraged Timothy, preserve this good thing that has been placed in our trust … through the Holy Spirit who lives in us.
    4. And when it comes time for each of us, in turn, to finish the race and receive our promised & prepared place in the great cloud of witnesses, let it be said that we left it all on the track and held nothing back, as we gaze into the loving eyes of Lord Jesus embracing us with the words, “Well done, good & faithful child. Enter now into the joy of your Father.”


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