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A Voice Calls Out – Preparing Joy

  1. Preparing For A New Family Member 
    1. An experience of joy last summer led us to seek out joy
    1. We had to prepare for the arrival of this new family member
    1. When the unexpected arose, our preparations left us ready for joy
  2. How Have You Prepared For Joy?
    1. Christmas can be such a joyful season. Many of us look forward to it.
    1. Many families have great joyful traditions. What are yours?
    1. Lots of joyful traditions & memories are born from great preparation.
  3. John Prepares A Way In The Wilderness
    1. Skipping ahead in Luke a bit we see John, grown up, preparing the way.
    1. We’ve been reading through Luke 1 as preparation for next week.
    1. Now John is preparing the people for the Messiah’s ministry among us.
  4. Repentance As Joy – Repentances As Preparation
    1. John called the people to repentance. Often that does not feel like joy.
    1. Repentance reminds us that this work of Salvation is not ours to do.
    1. That realization & the act of repentance, allowing Jesus, liberates joy.
  5. When You Are Prepared, Trials Will Not Rob Your Joy
    1. Advent & Christmas come, but life goes on & unexpected trials strike.
    1. If we take the time to prepare in advance, we’ll not be robbed of joy.
    1. Jesus comes from heaven above, 
      bearing joy to us with angel songs, 
      Peace is our prince and our king is love, 
      Goodwill for all and righting wrongs, 
      So prepare your hearts for he comes again from above.


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