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Ascending To The Story’s Climax

  1. The Conflict Before The Story’s Climax
    1. The Easter Resurrection narrative has been carrying us forward these last few weeks, but I have a beef with this week’s Ascension readings. The story comes to the point of Jesus’ rising up into the heavens, but…
    2. “And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”Are Jesus’ final words in Matthew 28 and I have been saying them a lot lately hoping to give comfort to so many grieving hearts recently.
    3. Jesus leaves the Disciples standing there staring at the sky and waiting, & it feels like we’re left standing there with them sometimes, doesn’t it?
  2. Stuck In A Double Conflict & Tension In These 2 Narratives
    1. We know the story is moving toward the climax of Pentecost, and yet we can feel stuck in this tension of reality; feeling more like Jesus has flown off to Heaven instead of being with us always, as he said he would
    2. We know the words of comfort in Scripture for times of grief, and yet that comfort can feel as distant as Jesus disappearing into the clouds; aware of our grief & weariness, standing there staring into the heavens
    3. We know today celebrates our thankful love for our mothers, and yet we can feel stuck in this tension of reality; aware of all the challenges of life that make today less than joyful & peaceful for so many around us.
  3. But We Are Not Actually Stuck, Nor Are We Alone
    1. The conflict in the narrative leads to the high point of the story; truly the darkness of death & the grave yields to victorious resurrection, which prepares for ascension, which opens the door for Pentecost!
    2. Women who struggle with disappointment, shame, or grief today are not left alone. We can accept the Pentecost power and congregational covenant of community to comfort and embrace each other in love!
    3. We’re not left alone by Jesus as he returns to his divine abode w/o us. Rather he transcends space and time in order to more intimately dwell with each of us! & He does it through each of us as we dwell together!
  4. Community Comforts The Conflict; We’re Jesus Together
    1. Consider this: if we are emissaries of the eternal Kingdom of Heaven; if we’re heirs, adopted into that divine family; if what we do even to the least of these is as to Jesus; if we’re known by our love for one another; Then doesn’t it seem that each of us embodies Jesus to each other?
    2. Eric Draven, fatally played by Brandon Lee, in one of my favorite movies quotes a classic novel Vanity Fairby William Makepeace Thackery, “Mother is the name for God on the lips and hearts of all children.”
    3. I sense that, in many ways, the mother’s heart often embodies the spirit of Christ existing in each of us; a spirit of love we’re called to embody.
  5. So We Wait in Jerusalem For the Pentecost Promise To Come


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