Peace – Prayer – Joy – Love

Bread of Life, Word of Life

  1. I Think Jesus Is Frustrated Here; Disciples Leaving
    1. This eating flesh & drinking blood has been a difficult thing to swallow.
    2. Jesus himself speaks in ways not simple or clear. Faith is required.
    3. Rejected by the Pharisees and now rejected by his own disciples.
  2. I’m Not The Guy With The Words Of Eternal Life
    1. Peter rightly identifies Jesus as the Holy One of God. That’s not me.
    2. I’m more like Peter (but not as good) even as I also follow after Jesus.
    3. Don’t rest in some misguided trust in me as your personal Jesus.
  3. Where Else Can We Go? Faith In The Face of Confusion
    1. Peter rightly says, we’re puzzled, but there’s no where else for us to go.
    2. Only Jesus has the words of eternal life. But Jesus offers us eternal life!
    3. 15thAnniversary of having nowhere to turn to for life but Jesus alone.
  4. Trusting The Word Of Life When The Path Is Tough
    1. Following Jesus will be confusing and hard and there will be troubles.
    2. Jesus is the word of life; spiritual life, physical life, eternal & abundant!
    3. It may not be easy or comfortable, but it is that simple; follow Jesus.
  5. Living As Followers Of The Bread/Word Of Life
    1. Embrace faith in difficult times. It’s easy to be “faithful” in boom times.
    2. Encourage one another. Send a card, make a phone call, pay a visit.
    3. Spread the word. Invite others. Sacrificially participate and give.
    4. Trust in Christ’s faithfulness and get on board with his mission.
    5. Don’t stumble over the metaphors. Instead follow harder after Christ.



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