Peace – Prayer – Joy – Love
Come Together in Community

Coming Together on Come Together Sunday

  1. Welcome Back
    1. Annual Come Together Sunday Tradition
      1. The realities of summer life of the church in Michigan
      2. When climate seasons match our community seasons
    2. Love It When A Plan Comes Together
      1. Summer series on Child of Love – Romans 12-13 is a Summary
      2. Liturgical Readings Planned Ahead & Landing Where We Are!
    3. Reminded of God’s Liberating Love for Us & United in Community
      1. God wants you to know how much you are loved
      2. God’s love liberates us from bondages to Fear & Hatred
    1. Paul’s Laundry List Isn’t a New Bondage
      1. The list of traditions & behaviors in our Romans isn’t Slave to Duty
        1. Sometimes we hear these things and they’re more burden
        2. They don’t feel very liberating. It’s like adding another phone app.
    • Consider my phone these last couple weeks
      1. Something is draining the battery! From days to hours L
      2. It’s an illustration of what we do in our own lives
    1. Instead of that big chain, consider a power cord
      1. Instead of thinking of these things as expectations to live up to,
      2. Think of them as sources of energy; how we plug into the source
      3. Yes, these traditions do mark us, but they also feed & energize us
  2. The Empires of Earth Major in Bondage, Slaves, Subjects
    1. The enemy & our own brokenness calls us out into isolation & division
    2. Like a phone & power cord that isn’t plugged in/or into a wrong source
  3. But God is Our Source & Invites Us in How To Connect
    1. God Invites us, “Go here. I’m here. I’ll meet you here. I’ll be here.”
    2. Think of that phone not plugged in & not connected to the network
    3. It isn’t enough to have the right apps preloaded on your phone
      1. You have to use those apps: Christian Practices & Disciplines
        1. Devotion: prayer, scripture, worship, fellowship, communion
        2. Compassion: charity, hospitality, opposing injustice
      2. You have to keep connected to the source
        1. Recharge – You can’t keep going on years old grace
        2. Update – You have to keep growing in knowledge & love
  4. How Can We Respond?
    1. Recognize the temptation to separate & judge as destructive temptation
      1. Awareness – don’t be sucked in by fear & hate
      2. Resistance – fight against the natural slide into isolation & lies
    2. Recognize the promise of peace, hope, joy, & love in our divine sources
      1. Education – learn the sources of grace
      2. Participation – engage for yourself
    3. Trust God’s promises & exercise discipline even when we don’t feel it
      1. Presence – just being there has an affect
      2. Community – be there for others
  5. What is the GOOD NEWS?
    1. We are Liberated from Slavery as well as from Legalistic Duty
    2. We are Invited very specifically where to plug into the source: GOD
    3. We are given a Simplified list to remember: Love God & Love Neighbor
    4. We are Adopted into an eternal family that is embodied right here
    5. We are Coming Together; now in worship; next in fellowship & food!


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