Peace – Prayer – Joy – Love


Forgiveness (Matt 18:21-35)

  1. This is getting Personal
    1. A personal story of forgiveness
    2. What’s the hardest thing YOU’VE ever had to forgive?
    3. What’s the hardest thing YOU’VE ever had to be forgiven?
  2. Forgiveness is Hard!
    1. What does Forgiveness mean?
    2. The struggle between justice & mercy
    3. Setting things right requires getting all the information,
      Forgiving someone requires none of the information.
  3. God is Hard!
    1. My Heavenly Father will also do to every one of you
    2. If you do Not Forgive from the Heart
    3. Reconciling this with the loving God we’ve been talking about
  4. God’s Heart – Seventy Seven Times (77) – or Seventy Times Seven (490)
    1. This little exchange between Peter & Jesus as prelude to the parable
    2. Reveals God’s heart & we see that loving God we’ve been talking about
    3. God wants to forgive us. God wants us to forgive each other.
  5. The Good News of Liberation in Forgiveness: Just Do It!
    1. Liberated from the conflicting struggle of whether to forgive or not.
    2. Liberated from doing the math … Liberated from keeping the books.
    3. Liberated from the burden of guilt & from the burden of resentment.
  6. Sent into the World to Embody Forgiveness
    1. What starts as a heavy message actually becomes joyfully liberating
    2. Let’s embody this mind-blowing idea of forgiveness to our community!




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