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From Your Head Down To Your Feet

  1. Finishing the Phrase – How Does It Begin?
    1. You are what you eat … from your head down to your feet.
    2. The Pharisees institutionalized this by enforcing their purity laws.
    3. They institutionalized purity/ worth according to what you ate/touched
  2. Hank, Why Must You Live Out The Songs That You Wrote? … It’s a Family Tradition
    1. It seems to be human nature to carry on those human traditions.
    2. We judge people in or out/clean or unclean based on … what?
    3. It pops up in my conversations – we see people as clean or unclean.
  3. Jesus AGAIN Challenges The Pharisees’ Empire Of Tradition
    1. Jesus seems to be saying that saying the opposite of the Pharisees; Saying that you can eat anything and it will not make you unclean.
    2. As we have been learning these past weeks in the Gospel of John; Learning that what Jesus is saying isn’t as literal or obvious as it seems.
    3. Jesus seems to be saying here that actually we are what we eat/take in; Just that it’s not food, but rather the heart of God vs. human tradition.
  4. You Have Heard It Said, But Jesus Says …
    1. We live by so many human traditions handed down to us & carried on.
    2. Jesus is liberating us from purity laws AND liberating us from legalism.
    3. Jesus guides us to the bread of life; himself, as what we should take in.
  5. What Comes Out Of A Person’s Heart
    1. When filled with the Bread of Life, we embody love for one another.
    2. When our hearts are centered on God’s grace, we also become grace.
    3. When the Spirit fills us here, we become wellsprings of living water!


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