Peace – Prayer – Joy – Love
Season of Hope

Hope Burns Bright

  1. A New Church Year – What is Advent? Isn’t it Christmas?
    1. A Season of Hope & Anticipation of a promise not yet fulfilled.
    2. Like children looking forward to Christmas presents, but more.
    3. A story: hoping for my call to be realized, then realizing it was here
  2. But In Those Days, After That Suffering – Darkness Around Us
    1. Darkness, Violence, Suffering, and Fear in our world today.
    2. Busy-ness, Stress, Depression, and Exhaustion in our own lives.
    3. Don’t our hearts cry out for something to Hope in?
  3. The World & Our Own Hearts Slumber – We Cope Without Hope
    1. We know…we feel the dissonance between what should be & what is.
    2. Fear & a sense that things won’t get better convince us to fight or quit.
    3. So we get overwhelmed & we Lose Hope & just self-medicate instead.
  4. But There’s Hope Burning in the Back of our Minds – Emmanuel
    1. Our music today shows captures the Advent Journey.
      1. Longing Anticipation – O Come Emmanuel
      2. Peace – Lullaby For A King
      3. Celebration & Worship – Angels From The Realm of Glory
    2. We are not alone! God with us! Emmanuel!
      1. Longing Anticipation loses its sting when God walks with us.
      2. Peace fills us & shines out into the chaos when God is with us.
      3. Celebration & Worship pours out of us in the presence of God.
    3. Hope Burns Bright! Will & Hope Come Together as a Powerful Force.
      1. Will is defiance and faithfully rejoicing in the face of longing in us.
      2. Hope is rebellion and resistance against a dark empire around us.
  5. Advent is a New Beginning & a Journey – Take the Journey
    1. Feel the Dissonance.
      1. Pause and Acknowledge it.
      2. Cry out to God.
    2. Take the Journey.
      1. Put Your Feet on the Path.
      2. Be a Pilgrim Again.
    3. Remember the Lord.
      1. Take Comfort in the Promise of God With You.
      2. Hope Burns Bright that God is Coming Again.
  6. Christmas Is Coming! – Christ is Coming!
    1. Don’t slumber and let the Lord find you unready and unwatchful. Christmas is coming!
    2. Don’t stress out and miss seeing these things taking place, in order that you may know that the Lord is drawing near. Christmas is coming!
    3. Let your testimony be strengthened so that we may not lack any spiritual gifts as we wait for the revealing of the Lord. Christ is coming!
    4. Christ the Lord is here with us … Emmanuel … God with us …
      and Christ the Lord is coming again … O Come, O Come, Emmanuel!



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