Peace – Prayer – Joy – Love
Season of Hope

Hope Prepares The Way

  1. Preparing For Little Baby Suchowolec
    1. Emily & Joe, what was the first thing you did when you found out?
    2. What was the emotion/feeling you had as you began to prepare?
    3. Megan, how about the last couple of days for today’s staff gathering?
    4. Hope for a new little one or a warm fellowship leads us to prepare.
  2. Preparing For This Morning’s Message
    1. Thinking about the meaning of Hope – This Advent Season of Hope
      1. Passive – patiently & faithfully waiting for God to act
      2. Active – privilege of participating in the mission of God
    2. An unexpected lesson from a German Jesuit Priest during WW2
      1. Condemned & imprisoned as a traitor for his opposition to Hitler, Alfred Delp, a Jesuit priest, wrote just before being hanged (1945):
      2. I see Advent with greater intensity and anticipation than ever before. Walking up and down in my cell, three paces this way and three paces that way, with my hands in irons and ahead of me an uncertain fate, I have a new and different understanding of God’s promise of redemption and release.
      3. If we want to be alive, then we must first believe in the golden seed of God… Then we must walk through the gray days of our time as announcing messengers. So many need their courage strengthened,    so many are in despair and in need of comfort, there is so much harshness that needs a gentle hand and an illuminating word, so much loneliness crying out for a word of release, so much loss and pain in search of inner meaning! 
    3. The amazing connection between Hope & Peace
      1. Hope believes and when met with assurance grants PEACE!
      2. Alfred Delp & Dietrich Bonhoeffer experienced peace from hope
  3. Preparing For The Messiah’s Arrival
    1. Isaiah prophecy connects w/the experience of John the Baptist in Mark
    2. John turned hope into preparation; norm interruption & way making
    3. The people responded to hope with preparation; going out & repenting
    4. Baptism becomes an important part of that hopeful preparation
  4. Preparing for the Messiah’s Return
    1. Like those responding to John t.B. we baptized JJ in hopeful preparation
    2. We hope for the Lord’s return & we’re beginning to prepare JJ for it.
    3. By participating together, we continue our own preparation of hope.
  5. Preparing for Christmas
    1. As you prepare for festivities, let your spirit & your heart be prepared
    2. Enter into the Assurance of Hope that offers you True Inner Peace
    3. Let that inner peace help you kindle new lights of hope in other hearts
    4. May this Season of Hope inspire us to participate in preparing the way in all hearts for the Lord Jesus’ return; the source of our eternal hope!


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