Peace – Prayer – Joy – Love
Season of Hope

Hope Sings Joy

  1. Childbirth Is No Hallmark Card Moment.
    1. Painting a picture of human childbirth
    2. God entered the human story through that unique joyful struggle
    3. It’s not in ordered isolation, but chaotic struggle, that God meets us.
  2. A Season of Quaint Sentimentality: or Mary Did You Know?
    1. Mary most certainly knew – look at her response to God’s invitation*
    2. Mary knew it wasn’t some abstract spirituality only salvation
    3. Mary & Isaiah* both spoke of poverty, abused power, & human struggle.
  3. The World is Full of Struggle: Then and Now.
    1. Underneath all the tinsel & carols are loneliness, poverty, need, & fear.
    2. Our happy holiday faces often mask grieving, overwhelmed hearts.
    3. Even if we’ve got it good, we’re aware of death & suffering around us.
  4. God With Us: or Joy Sings Out In The Middle Of Struggle!
    1. God doesn’t wait and meet us on the other side of struggle.
    2. Joy doesn’t wait and meet us after the entire struggle is over with.
    3. God descends and joy rises right in the middle of our human condition.
  5. We Can Sing Joy Because We Have True Eternal Hope.
    1. Mary sang … We Sing this morning … We will sing carols tonight
    2. Not because nobody is hungry. Not because nobody is grieving. But …
    3. Because we have the assurance of hope in a God who is truly with us!
  6. Let Us Join The Angels And Sing!
    1. Hear the Good News! Jesus has come! God has come! God is with us!
    2. God is with us. Joy is with us. Hope is with us…right in the middle of it.
    3. We’ve heard the angels sing from on high. Now let them hear us sing!


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