Peace – Prayer – Joy – Love
Season of Hope

Hope Springs From Love

  1. Remembering Where We Started This Summer
    1. You are your best Self when you realize just how much you’re loved.
    2. God made it clear to me that I had to remind you of his love for you.
    3. Our journey had to rest firmly on the foundation of God’s love for us.
  2. We’ve Come A Long Way This Year
    1. Ending with Hope & Peace where we began with Fear & Anxiety.
    2. One year ago, our path forward wasn’t clear & we were afraid.
    3. Both our congregation and my own family had unsure futures.
  3. Mary Had To Embark On A Scary Journey As Well
    1. Gabriel spoke profoundly when he assured Mary to “Fear not.”
    2. The invitation Mary received was full of danger & uncharted ground.
    3. How would it be? What would Joseph do? What about her community?
  4. God’s Invitation Began With An Assurance of Love
    1. Gabriel began with assuring Mary of how much God favored her.
    2. Ironically NKJV is more beautiful than The Message or Amplified Bible.
    3. Rejoice, highly favored one, the Lord is w/you; blessed are you among women.
  5. We Have Made It Through This Year Because of God’s Love
    1. Like M&J traveling from Nz-Bt, we were invited to start on a journey.
    2. Like Mary, our invitation began with an assurance of God’s great love.
    3. Like Mary, the Lord has a great work for us to do if we will accept it.
  6. A New Year Is Spreading Out Before Us; Full of Hope & Love
    1. There is a community waiting to see how we will respond to God
    2. A community in great need of experiencing God’s love through us
    3. Many from that community will be here w/us tonight; eyes & ears open!


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