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How We Follow

How We Follow Shows Others

  1. I Don’t Really Know The Boy Scouts
    1. I never participated in Scouting when I was younger
    2. Can I tell you about my old friend Sean, the Eagle Scout?
    3. So, most of what I know about Scouting, I know from Scouts
    4. All those grand ideals are only known as they are embodied to others
  2. They Don’t Really Know The Church
    1. There are a lot of people who’ve never participated in The Church
    2. They can probably tell you about some Christians they know though
    3. Most of what they know about The Church, they know from Christians
    4. All that liberating Gospel love is only known as we embody it to others
  3. God Gets How Hard it is for us to Really Know
    1. God transcends our ability to know & we make a mess of sharing
    2. God speaks & we read, but we have all these different ideas & beliefs
    3. So God came to us in a way we COULD understand; Jesus of Nazareth
    4. All that divine love & truth is only known as Jesus has embodied it to us
  4. Getting to Know God Through Jesus (God Embodied)
    1. Everything we need to know about God is in the embodiment of Jesus
    2. Everything we need to share with others is in the embodiment of Jesus
    3. Everything that renews the church again is in the embodiment of Jesus
    4. Everything that gives hope to all humanity is in the embodiment of Jesus
  5. Getting to Know Jesus Through Communion
    1. Jesus comes to us as one of us; Jesus welcomes us in to the table
    2. Jesus pours himself out for us; body & spirit fully given in love & grace
    3. Hunger & thirst & loneliness are met with bread & wine & community


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