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IN the Spirit of Advent: INvitation

Do you think that Joseph might have felt like those Fumbly Bumbly Angels?

Sometimes I feel like those Fumbly Bumbly Angels.

Sometimes I think we all feel like those Fumbly Bumbly Angels.

Having to “earn” our way in

Feeling like we’re constantly evaluated on our performance

And feeling like we’re always fumbling & bumbling & falling short

How about that Innkeeper? Have you ever felt like him?

“I really felt bad about not having room for them.”

Sometimes making room for Bible study, prayer, or service feels like that Innkeeper … we want to, I mean who wouldn’t make room for a pregnant woman, but I just don’t have room.

And that’s the trap, isn’t it? We feel like Salvation can be a cruel performance trap. And maybe even Advent comes just to remind us of all the ways we fumble & bumble & just don’t have room in our busy crowded lives

But here’s the good news … the Good News of great joy for all people!

Just like Joseph, in our reading, we are simply presented with an Invitation

The angel invited Joseph into the narrative of Good News

The angel offered him a role to play in that salvation narrative

Just like all of our great actors had their roles this morning

And what’s our invitation? The same invitation the Angel made to Joseph;

Believe that this little baby is your Messiah, Trust & Believe &

Just as Jesus invited his Disciples; “Come, follow me.”

Because we have confidence: “God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life.

Let’s not hesitate in responding to Christ’s invitation this Advent because we are waiting for just the right moment or perfect circumstances. We may just realize that we have been waiting for an illusive moment, And were not attentive to the here and now invitations of everyday life, missing opportunities to respond with the generosity, compassion, forgiveness, patience, mercy, trust, and love of a true follower of Christ.


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