Peace – Prayer – Joy – Love

Journey, Pilgrimage, & Mission

  1. Expanding Conflict En Route To Jerusalem 
    1. What stand-up guys, those Pharisees, right? What’s their motivation?
    1. Now King Herod is against Jesus; so both religion & government.
    1. Jesus is misunderstood (John?) & is heading into threat of violence.
  2. Reminds Me Of St. Patrick & His Life Journey Too
    1. Similarly, so much about Patrick is misunderstanding and legend.
    1. Similarly, Patrick journeyed to a place of great physical danger.
    1. Similarly, Patrick’s Gospel message conflicted w/the powers that be.
  3. The Kingdom Mission Is Persistent Despite Opposition
    1. Like Jesus before him, Patrick embodied dauntless & determined faith.
    1. Like most who follow Jesus, Patrick faced opposition & condemnation.
    1. Like Patrick, we too have Christ with us, Christ before us, Christ in us.
    1. Like both, we embody the Gospel by opening our hearts in Christ-like love to the others not like us, not friendly to us, who believe differently
  4. Spiritual Journey from Empire Power To Celtic Presence
    1. Patrick began life as a Romano-British Christian Noble – snatched away
    1. Patrick was humbled as a captive, slave, fugitive, & by hunger & poverty
    1. The Eternal Son was humbled in human birth & life, & hunger & poverty
    1. Both brought a message of love & life; through their humble presence.
  5. Jesus; Our Divine Companion Along This Kingdom Pilgrimage
    1. Jesus had a mission. He persisted despite being called a devil & enemy.
    1. Patrick had a mission. Christ journeyed with him as he followed Jesus.
    1. We have that mission too & Christ leads onward no matter how hard. 
    1. That mission leads us to journey with those we might not agree with.


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