Peace – Prayer – Joy – Love
Children of the World

Love Good & Establish Justice

  1. Is Anyone Tired Of Political Ads Yet?
    1. The month before an election is a difficult season! So much meanness.
    2. Between the news cycle & social media, I think our hearts are weary!
    3. Cracks in friendships form & fear starts to reign in our lives.
  2. The Love of Power (Prosperity & Prestige) Reigns
    1. This isn’t new. We see some of the same in our readings today.
      1. Amos: “you trample on the poor & push aside the needy at the gate.”
      2. Mark: “they said to one another, ‘Then who can be saved?’”
    2. It’s common to lament having to choose, “the lesser of two evils.”
    3. Fear & the love of power tempts & captures us as well as our leaders.
  3. The Power of Love Liberates & Enlivens
    1. The solution isn’t new; Amos sent us, Jesus comes to us–love & mercy!
    2. God, who created us, calls us to love & life & faith & hope & charity!
    3. Jesus is the embodiment of that for us & opposes the love of power!
      1. Phil. 2:6-8 who, though he was in the form of God,
        did not regard equality with God
        as something to be exploited,
        but emptied himself,
        taking the form of a slave,
        being born in human likeness.
        And being found in human form,
        he humbled himself
        and became obedient to the point of death—
        even death on a cross.
    4. Eternal Life Isn’t Earned. It Is Given & Grants Peace
      1. We invent a gospel of prosperity; honoring prosperous & prestigious.
      2. Jesus invites us to a gospel of grace & mercy; a gospel that isn’t earned.
      3. Jesus invites us to participate in that gospel; embodying mercy to others
    5. Love Good & Establish Justice
      1. In this difficult season, thrive by focusing on seeing good & doing good
      2. Fred Rogers, “look for the helpers.”Recognize the good around you.
      3. Mark Ruffalo, “If you’re losing hope, then you aren’t doing enough.”


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