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Mary’s Song, Jesus’ Mission

  1. I Struggled Feeling I’m The Wrong Person To Speak This
    1. In our last Luke reading, Gabriel shut the mouth of the priest.
    2. In these readings two women (Elizabeth & Mary) become prophets.
    3. God is breaking his 400 years of silence in a way most people missed.
  2. God’s Voice Was Silent Because Of The Religious & Powerful
    1. Mary echoes many of the O.T. prophets crying out for justice & mercy; from Isaiah, & Jeremiah, to Habakkuk, Hosea, Amos, & Micah!
    2. Mary also echoes themes & styles in O.T. women’s voices as well; Miriam in Exodus, Hannah in 1 Samuel, and Deborah in Judges.
    3. The Pharisees, Sanhedrin, & other religious leaders of the day were carrying on the very beliefs & behaviors that led to God’s silence.
  3. When God Speaks Again It’s Through Overlooked Women
    1. Elizabeth is an older, disgraced, childless woman.
    2. Mary is a younger, poor, unmarried girl.
    3. Neither are powerful, listened to, leaders in the temple or the palace.
  4. A Season Of Hope For The Overlooked Without Hope
    1. Elizabeth offers hope to all those feeling ignored; like hope is too late.
    2. Mary offers hope to all those feeling unworthy; like hope is out of reach
    3. Mary’s song offers hope to all those not rich or powerful enough.
  5. Mary’s Song Is Prophetic As God’s Mission In The World
    1. Mary’s words are echoed in Jesus’ reading of Isaiah later in Luke.
    2. Mary & Jesus speak of a Salvation that is physical as well as spiritual.
    3. Let us turn our ears to the humble, unexpected & overlooked voices
    4. Let us turn our strength to the Kingdom instead of empires of pride.


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