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Mission Impossible Force

Mission Impossible

  1. One Of A Few Core Passages To My Ministry 
    1. Jesus reading from Isaiah seems like he is declaring a mission statement.
    1. I have, therefore, taken it as a personal ministry mission statement.
  2. It May Not Be Expected & It Sure Seems Daunting
    1. It seems like a “Mission: Impossible”, which got me to thinking
    1. Did the M:I Force ever faila mission? They seem impossible, but aren’t?
  3. Remembering Who’s On The Impossible Mission
    1. Jesus isn’t just any 1stc. rabbi. Jesus is God. His mission. Our mission.
    1. Got to talking about Steven Hill’s faith, the original M:I Force leader.
  4. Considering The Mission At Hand
    1. to bring good news to the poor (scarcity vs. abundance)
      – Who are the poor & what’s the good news?
    1. to proclaim release to the captives (legalism vs. grace)
      – Who’re the captives, what is their captivity & how’re they released?
    1. and recovery of sight to the blind (religion vs. relationship)
      – Who are the blind & how is their sight recovered?
    1. to let the oppressed go free (oppression & injustice vs. liberation)
      – Who are the oppressed & how are they set free?
    1. to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor (angry vs. loving God? Year of Jubilee)
      – What does this mean?        (No “and the day of vengeance of our God”)
  5. The Good News In Jesus’ Mission–What Is Our Hope?
    1. The Good News is Salvation – expansive & holistic, spiritual & physical
    1. Jesus calls us to follow him & sends us out on this mission in our world
    1. The mission may seem impossible, but it’s Jesus (thru us) who does it


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