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Pressing On Toward The Goal

  1. Our Story Takes A Detour/Retreat
    1. Detour from Luke
      1. This event not recorded in Luke
      1. Important in narrative journey 
    1. Detour for rest/life on the journey
      1. The conflict has turned fatal
      1. Jesus pauses w/ family & friends 
    1. Portrait of all too human Jesus
      1. Not a caricature of a Superman (right kids?)
      1. Jesus rests up for the final fight
  2. External Conflict / Internal Conflict
    1. External: Pharisees want to kill BOTH Jesus & Lazarus!
      1. Because Jesus brings new life – resurrection life!
      1. Pharisees want to kill both Jesus & Lazarus
    1. Internal: Judas condemns Mary & conspires for himself
      1. In the pause we see internal conflict emerge
      1. Judas is selfish in his motives & condemning in his words
    1. The Enemy seeks to undo the Kingdom Mission
      1. The Evil Enemy wants to stop them & unravel their resolve
      1. Same Enemy wants to stop us from our Kingdom Mission too
  3. Pressing Toward The Goal 
    1. Jesus is stalwart in his resolve
      1. Jesus is human but undeterred–His love for us drives out his fear
      1. Jesus is divine in purpose/goal – No separation Father/Son/Spirit
    1. Death & criticism cannot undo
      1. External threats & internal critics attempt to derail his course
      1. Those same things also seeks to derail our mission here & now
    1. The Kingdom mission is of paramount importance
      1. Jesus is our only hope of victory over death/isolation from God
      1. We can embody that same hope in us for those who don’t know
  4. The Goal is nothing less than Salvation/Restoration 
    1. Jesus-God’s love is too great to fail
      1. The love of God is greater than anything that comes against him
      1. That same love in us is just as strong to overcome obstacles
    1. That divine love is greater than our hate & selfishness
      1. Jesus conquers both external hate & internal critics in his path
      1. We too can beat the forces hate & criticism seeking to derail us
    1. Overcoming External & Internal Threats
      1. Love & Grace are the keys to victory in this. God calls for mercy
      1. The Spirit empowers us through love/grace/mercy to overcome
  5. Next Stop Jerusalem 
    1. We are on the final approach to the triumphal entry
      1. Next Sunday is Palm Sunday
      1. The tory is going to turn all victorious & kingly
    1. Then the conflict explodes into shocking violence
      1. Next Sunday the Passion of Christ begins – violence & conflict
      1. The pace & pressure are cosmic – Death itself is being defeated
    1. The Kingdom cannot be stopped
      1. But he who’s in us has overcome death and the forces against us
      1. So let us repent & rest on our road to redemption & restoration


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