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Resurrected Body

  1. He’s Not A Ghost
    1. The Disciples’ grief, doubt, & fear (3 for days them/3 weeks for us).
    1. Disciples must have felt like the Avengers after the infamous snap.
    1. Maybe they felt grief like those who love R.H.E. & her untimely death.
    1. Despair & fear can undermine even the greatest heroes among us.
  2. This Isn’t Gnosticism: True Bodily Resurrection
    1. Gnosticism; like legalism, undermines the truth of the Christian faith.
    1. Unorthodox folk beliefs shut the door on transformation; self & world.
    1. Not just souls in disposable bodies; to be human is to be embodied.
    1. The creator of the universe elevates embodied humanity as beloved.
  3. Incarnation Is Embodied. Resurrection Is Embodied
    1. The Eternal Son sets aside divinity to embrace humanity as Jesus.
    1. Phil. 2:5-8: [Jesus] had equal status w/ God but didn’t cling to the advantages of that status … Not at all. … he set aside the privileges of deity and … became human! … He didn’t claim special privileges. Instead, he lived a selfless, obedient life and then died a selfless, obedient death—by crucifixion.
    1. Jesus rises from the dead; embodied. He intentionally touches & eats.
    1. Jesus in glorified flesh leads the way ahead for us into eternity with him.
  4. Embodied Grace Meets Us Where We Live Today
    1. Baptism water; Communion bread & cup; Wedding rings; Ashes; Meals.
    1. We are both body & spirit, and God connects in both body & spirit.
    1. Communion at Convocation; the virtually present & physically present.
  5. Participants In The Present & Future Kingdom
    1. Jesus is present for us in the means of grace today; in the bread & cup.
    1. We are in turn present for one another & for others who need grace.
    1. We have hope for what is to come, not only in what is written but also in presence and in what is experienced. We experience God here/now.


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