Peace – Prayer – Joy – Love
John rebukes Herod

Resurrection Threatens Empire

  1. What Is This? Who Picked This Pericope?
    1. Such graphic content! Laughing with Fran about the Children’s Message.
    2. Whoever said the Bible was a safe PG book to read anyway?
    3. Remembering this is about Jesus & continuing our ongoing story.
  2. Following Jesus & Kingdom Is Downright Dangerous!
    1. Antonius’ decision & the cost of being a follower of The Way.
    2. Jesus’ rejection in his own home town & rejection of the Disciples.
    3. Revealing empires rule through fear of violence & death; false peace.
  3. Jesus Rejects Empire & Is Rejected By Empire
    1. Herod stands in for the empire & John stands in for kingdom followers.
    2. Empire always perpetuates itself & always demands a cost & loyalty.
    3. Empire is about death but Resurrection is about life; overturning death.
  4. The World Today Is Full Of Empires Demanding Fear & Death
    1. But the Kingdom of God is present & promises love & resurrection life!
    2. But Jesus liberates us from the power of fear/death through love & life!
    3. But the image of God in us unites all of humanity, not empires.
  5. Do Not Be Afraid To Confront Imperial Fear
    1. Let go of fear & hatred. Instead embrace neighbor love/enemy love.
    2. Let go of clinging to & preserving your own little empires here/now.
    3. Instead, cling to faith and trust in Jesus’ promise.


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