Peace – Prayer – Joy – Love
Fishing Boat In The Chancel

Standing Beside An Empty Fishing Boat With A “Gone Fishing” Sign

  1. Imagine The Odd Scene Here At The End Of Our Reading
    1. Full fishing boats, but the owners have left it all behind to go “fishing.”
    1. It’s a paradox; an oddity; kind of like a boat & fishing gear in a chancel.
    1. We might ask ourselves, what compelled them so powerfully?
  2. To Many Of Us, Following Jesus Seems As Unlikely & Strange
    1. Walk away from this? Trust in who? Fish for what? Are you serious?
    1. That’s a nice parable, but it doesn’t work like that in real life.
    1. We avoid faithful following by deflection & making excuses like Simon, 
      Go away from me, Lord, for I am a sinful man!”. He’s like Moses here.
  3. To Experience a Miracle, We Must Believe in the Miraculous
    1. Jesus meets them where they are & acknowledges who they are (fish/ fishermen) & speaks through divine abundance in the face of scarcity.
    1. Jesus chooses disciples from common people, not the religious elite.
    1. Jesus says, “Do not be afraid” (did you notice that?) and then gives them a world-changing mission to “catch people.”
  4. Hold Firmly To The Message That I Proclaimed To You
    1. Following & proclaiming the Good News that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the scriptures, and that he was buried, and that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the scriptures, and that he appeared to many, that we may be fully restored and have eternal life.
    1. We cling to our empty nets & our “sound” expectations, but Jesus has called us to a life of the unlikely & miraculous, and that takes crazy faith.
    1. The power in the words “… Yet if you say so.” Despite experience
      otherwise, Peter’s Faithful Obedience leads to Courageous Following!
  5. We’re Not Told What Jesus Taught, So What’s the Lesson?
    1. We count how many fish are in our nets/boats (scarcity) and convince ourselves that we need elite superstars (like the Pharisees) in order to accomplish this Impossible Mission, but Jesus calls common people as his disciples – common people like our church; like you and like me.
    1. Jesus … God’s self, is the message. The way. … The truth. … The life. And Faithful Obedience leads to Courageous Following, which results in abundant & miraculous results for the eternal Kingdom of life & love.
    1. We may feel discouraged by our perception of scarcity in the work of cleaning empty nets, but Jesus is calling us to “Put out into the deep water and let down our nets for a catch.”Will we choose to trust and reply     “If you say so, we will let down the nets.” 
      1. It may require us to lay down the ways of fishing that we know.
      1. It may require us to walk away from some things that are familiar.
      1. But if we will be obedient & humble & faithful we will realized a catch so abundant that it breaks the nets & requires more boats.


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