Peace – Prayer – Joy – Love
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Take Heart, He Is Calling You

  1. Overlooking Bartimaeus
    1. Greenville panhandlers, homeless, needy, & disabilities
    2. The humanity stripping invisibility of being ignored
    3. The forgotten within our own community
    4. Our ministries to Bart in danger & my desire to not cut back on those
      1. The Good News of God’s Love – dignifiying invisible Barts
      2. Prayer & counseling – supporting struggling Barts
      3. DDF – lifting up Barts in financial need
      4. Wed. Night Dinners & Ec. Food Pantry – feeding hungry Barts
      5. Parish nurse – encouraging shut in Barts or med. needs Barts
      6. Partnering with Have Mercy – housing homeless Barts
      7. Funerals – comforting grieving Barts
      8. Welcoming/Affirming congregation – guiding pilgrim/seeking Barts
  1. The Second Most Important Question Jesus Asks
    1. I say that Jesus asking, “Who do you say that I am?” is the most important question we will ever answer in this life.
    2. Maybe, “What would you have me do for you?” is the second most important question we will ever answer in this life.
    3. Last week, we heard James & John’s answer to it. They wanted Jesus to give them position & prestige & power.
  2. The Blind Man Who Saw Better Than The Disciples
    1. Blind Bartimaeus sees who Jesus truly is and shouts it out!
    2. Bartimaeus’ answer is very different than James & John’s answer.
    3. Bartimaeus just wanted life. He just wanted to be visible & included.
  3. Jesus Didn’t Ask Anything, But Bart Gave It All
    1. Jesus healed & restored Bart without asking for anything from him.
    2. Bartimaeus responded by following Jesus out of Jericho.
    3. The next stop in the story is Jerusalem & crucifixion. Bart followed.
  4. Appreciating Some of the Bartimaeuses In Our Congregation
    1. Jesus restores us freely. Our response should be following to the cross.
    2. October – Pastor Appreciation Month AND Staff/Leader Appreciation
    3. Passing out the books to the Bartimaeus followers here amongst us.


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