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That’s Hard To Swallow

  1. Choking On The Gospel Reading This Week
    1. My first encounter w/the reading: Jesus’ words are hard to swallow.
    2. Better taught than preached. Searching for a more palatable passage.
    3. How to avoid the appearance of a cannibalistic vampire cult?
  2. Over-Indulging The Wrong Spiritual Food
    1. Our struggle reveals that we’re missing the main point in Jesus’ words.
    2. We crave indulgent saccharine sweet, gnostic fatty, & legalistic “salty”.
    3. Pride leads us to sleuthing & snobbery that others end up choking on.
  3. Savoring A Wholesome Natural Real Foods Diet
    1. Jesus shows us our junk theology appetite & offers the bread of life.
    2. Even when we take& hold onto, Jesus invites us to receive& share.
    3. The key/clue is Jesus himself. The nourishment we need is just Jesus. I am the living bread that came down from heaven. Whoever eats of this bread will live forever; & the bread that I will give for the life of the world is my flesh.
  4. What Is Really On The Menu? The Healthy Choice
    1. The healthy choice isn’t really about eating flesh & drinking bloodat all.
    2. In flesh & blood, Jesus is speaking about faith & specifically faith in him.
    3. In flesh & blood, Jesus is speaking about the Eucharist he is offering us.
  5. Eating As Though Our Lives Depended Upon It
    1. Jesus uses trogohere; a more noisy, urgent, animalistic eating feeling.
    2. 3 weeks speaking of eating the Bread of Life–eat like life depends on it!
    3. Receiving the flesh & bloodin faith; trusting that Jesus meets us here.
    4. I offer bread & juice. Let’s have faith that Jesus is meeting us now, and participate in his flesh & blood, as though our very lives depended on it.


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