Peace – Prayer – Joy – Love
Walking The Road

The Road

  1. How Far Is It To Emmaus? 
    1. Bible study debated: 60 stadia, four score furlongs, 7 miles, 12 km …
    1. We don’t even really know where Emmaus is, or even who Cleopas is.
    1. Getting caught up on the details instead of the important message.
  2. They Missed The Message
    1. Cleopas describes Jesus as having been just a “prophet.” (downgraded)
    1. Cleopas describes their hope for a military-political “messiah.”
      NLT–We had hoped he was the Messiah who had come to rescueIsrael.
    1. Jesus responds by calling them “foolish”and “slow of heart.”
  3. A Bible Study And An Evening Meal Together
    1. Jesus teaches them all the Scriptures about himself; propositional truth.
    1. Jesus sits down to break bread with them; relational truth
    1. Their eyes were not opened by propositional truth, but by relationship.
  4. Encountering Jesus In The Last Supper & The First Supper
    1. Jesus is a teacher, but it’s at the table where relationship happens.
    1. That’s why we: fellowship hour, agape meals, pot-lucks, Community Life
    1. The Pharisees were so concerned with Jesus dining companions; Lawkeeping/propositional truth is their focus, Jesus’ truth is relational.
  5. Recognizing Christ By Breaking Bread Together
    1. We can disagree on propositional truths & still come together@table.
    1. Relational love, inspired by Gospel hope, is how we are known as his.
    1. We grow in knowledge & sometimes learn that we held wrong ideas; When we grow in love for one another & others, we’re never wrong.
    1. Let us share that love now, by breaking bread & sharing together now. 


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