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Beautiful Mountaintop

Transfiguration Sunday: Listening Followers

  1. Peter Is Having A Rollercoaster Of A Week
    1. It’s one of those one step forward two steps back weeks for Peter.
    2. One minute riding the high of declaring Jesus the Messiah and then in the next minute he’s scolded as Satan with his mind on earthly things.
    3. One minute riding the high of a mountaintop experience with Jesus & the next minute he’s scolded for trying to found a retreat center there.
  2. Can We Blame Peter For Being Just A Bit Confused?
    1. This transfiguration thing happening on the mountaintop is confusing.
    2. Jesus picked just 3 disciples to go with him: Peter, James, & John.
    3. Then there’s Moses & Elijah (how did they know?) & language fails us.
  3. Fearful Peter Speaks When He Should Be Listening
    1. Peter suggests that they build three tabernacles at that place.
    2. A cloud and a voice; “This is my Son, the Beloved; listen to him!”
    3. And we still built a huge church with three chapels there. Do we listen?
  4. And Then There Was Just Jesus
    1. In Matthew’s account Jesus says, “Get up and do not be afraid.”
    2. We always seem to fear in the glory of God, so Jesus’ divinity is veiled.
    3. For these three that veil is pulled away for a moment & glory revealed.
  5. Jesus Walks Down the Mountain Again with Them
    1. Jesus returns with them to continue the gospel work & journey.
    2. Don’t miss this detail! Jesus returns to walk along side them again.
    3. Jesus is the full communication of God to humanity & walks with us.
    4. Fully knowing what is ahead, Jesus returns to prepare his Disciples.
    5. Jesus takes us to the mountaintop, & still returns with us to the valley
  6. Let’s Respond By Listening To Jesus & Following Him
    1. Jesus set aside all his divine power, not once, but twice to communicate
    2. If we’re going to be effective followers of Jesus; our rabbi, our Lord, then shouldn’t we heed the Father’s instructions, “Listen to him!” and then heed Jesus’ calling, “Come, follow me.”


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