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Transfiguration Sunday

  1. Spotting the “You” and “Y’all” & Why It’s Important 
    1. Contrasting Jesus; on the mountain & with the crowd
      1. Divine glorified powerful king messiah
      1. Human ordinary bound by boundaries teacher & healer
    1. Who is Jesus frustrated or exasperated with?
      1. Plural “you”/”y’all” … “perverse and faithless generation”
      1. Singular “you” … “bring your son here”
    1. Jesus taught his Disciples how to cast out demons but they can’t here
      1. Only 27 verses earlier in chapter 9, Jesus sends out the 12
      1. … Jesus called the 12 together and gave them power and authority over all demons and to cure diseases, and he sent them out …
  2. Reading Each Other Into The Text
    1. It’s tempting for a pastor to embody Jesus’ frustration with his disciples when they aren’t “getting it” and when they’re not being transformed.
    1. It’s tempting for a congregation to embody the Disciples’ expectations of divine power & selflessness with their pastor.
    1. Our great expectations of one another divide us where we should instead be embodying love as patient & kind & not keeping score.
  3. The Crimson Thread/Voice In The Cloud/Great Expectations
    1. There is a reason that we sense dissonance in Jesus’ embodiment here.
    1. Like the Disciples, we are likely clinging to our expectations instead of searching for that great crimson thread in the account of these events.
    1. The voice in the cloud says, “This is my Son … listen to him.” And then the cloud parts to reveal the ordinary Jesus standing in front of them.
  4. Not In Glory, But In The Ordinary – Unexpected King
    1. The Hebrews suffered from expectation sickness; they expected a king.
    1. But the Eternal Son does not come in the form they expected him to.
    1. Here we see both the divinely glorified & humanly humble Eternal Son.
    1. And the voice of God tells us to listen to and follow that humble rabbi.
  5. Adjusting Our Expectations: 
         Will The Real Messiah Please Stand Up…Please Stand Up
    1. Just as the Disciples struggled as a result of their “great expectations”; so too will we struggle if we have harmful expectations of one another.
    1. But if we remember that God’s very nature is love; 
      if we keep searching for that crimson thread of grace & redemption; Then we will be able to walk with each other in peace and love.
    1. And if we can listen to Jesus’ voice of patient love, 
      follow Jesus’ path of restorative redemption, 
      and embody Jesus’ example of embracing grace,
      then our congregation will be transformed, 
      our community will be transformed, and
      the suffering & searching souls around us will be comforted & liberated


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