Peace – Prayer – Joy – Love
Father Embraces Son

Two Lost Sons

  1. A Familiar Story! Is This Well-Known Parable Known Well? 
    1. The danger of familiarity with the parable: well known =/= known well.
    1. Our narrative journey helps us place this parable in its proper context.
    1. The parable continues the message to the neo-pharisees from last week
  2. The Kingdom of Heaven Is Like a Prodigal Dad w/2 Lost Sons
    1. Younger Son Lost-ness: rule-breaking & doesn’t love the father.
    1. Elder Son Lost-ness: rule-keeping & also doesn’t love the father.
    1. Prodigal Dad is recklessly, lavishly & extravagantly generous to his sons.
  3. Jesus-God Is Revealing/Embodying The Gospel/Kingdom That is Contrary to the Pharisees Law-Keeping Expectations
    1. The Pharisees are “all in” practicing & protecting power perspectives.
    1. Jesus confronts & deconstructs their religious empire of dominion.
    1. Like the parable father, Jesus-God, is scandalously subversive & inclusive
      Jesus loves both the sinners & tax collectors & the Pharisees & lawyers
  4. Our Neo-Pharisee Nature Leans Toward Elder Son Lost-ness
    1. Having been welcomed into the feast, we reply w/indignant gatekeeping
    1. But the Kingdom of God is like a father throwing a feast for a lost son.
    1. Jesus-God raises his robes & runs to each of us despite how undignified.
  5. The Prodigal Kingdom of God is a Scandalous Invitation to All
    1. Younger son doesn’t even repent well, but is embraced/restored again
    1. The elder son doesn’t even repent at all, but is invited into the feast.
    1. The Gospel Good News is a scandalous restoration of relationship between a recklessly generous parent & lost children who are declared worthy not by their law-keeping, but because they are beloved by grace


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