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Water and Spirit

  1. Back From Vacation
    1. I heard good things about Ed’s message last week.
    2. I heard about circling up and holding hands in unity.
    3. That unity theme actually carries on into this week’s message…
  2. But First: Why Did Jesus Get Baptized?
    1. John’s baptism is for repentance, but Jesus had nothing to repent.
    2. In Matthew’s account John points out his own unworthiness to baptize Jesus and Jesus’ own not needing to be baptized.
  3. Analyzing The Discrepancy
    1. John points out our need for repentance. Jesus didn’t need to repent.
    2. John’s baptism locates identity in repentance/righteousness, not lineage.
    3. It opened salvation to those without that lineage. It was a great unifier!
  4. A Dramatically Unified Manifestation of The Trinity
    1. Father’s voice, Son embodied in Jesus, Spirit embodied in a dove.
    2. In the moment Jesus further embraces unity with humanity,
      so too does the Trinity display its own divine unity for us.
    3. One commentator I studied pointed out that Jesus united w/humanity, & imparted his righteousness to us by in sharing in unity their baptism.
  5. Considering What The Father Says
    1. And a voice came from heaven,
      “You are my Son, the Beloved; with you I am well pleased.”
    2. Remember how Gabriel began his annunciation invitation to Mary?
      Rejoice, highly favored one, the Lord is w/you; blessed are you among women.
    3. Again, God begins things by expressing love for humanity; for us.
  6. Water & Spirit Meet Us In The Bread & Wine Today
    1. Baptism is ancient practice, as is the ritual of the forgotten silver pitcher
      1. Going back to 150 A.D.
      2. Jesus himself used mingled wine & water at the Last Supper;
        a common practice with 1st c. Jewish & Mediterranean cultures.
      3. St. Cyprian described the ritual in this way:
        “For because Christ bore us all, in that He also bore our sins,
        we see that in the water is understood the people,
        but in the wine is showed the blood of Christ.
        But when the water is mingled in the cup with wine,
        the people [are] made one with Christ, and the assembly of believers is associated and conjoined with Him on whom it believes; which association and conjunction of water and wine is so mingled in the Lord’s cup, that that mixture cannot any more be separated. 

        “Whence, moreover, nothing can separate the Church — that is,
        the people established in the Church, faithfully and firmly persevering in that which they have believed — from Christ, in such a way as to prevent their undivided love from always abiding and adhering.
        Just as, on the other hand, the body of the Lord cannot be flour alone or water alone, unless both should be united and joined together and compacted in the mass of one bread; in which very sacrament our people are shown to be made one, so that in like manner as many grains, collected, & ground, & mixed together into one mass, make one bread; so in Christ, who is the heavenly bread, we may know that there is one body,
        with which our number is joined and united.”
      4. By the mystery of this water and wine (15:39; John19:34)
        may we come to share in the divinity of Christ (Rom.5:2; 2Pet.1:4)
        who humbled himself to share in our humanity. (Phil.2:8)


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