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What Was Going On Up There?

  1. Reaching The Climax Of The Story
    1. Last week we found ourselves in conflict & teased the story’s climax.
    2. We’ve been through the Passion, Death, Resurrection, & Ascension …
    3. Story comes to a climax when the Spirit arrives & the Church is born!
  2. What Was NOT Going On Up There?
    1. A 5 Step Church Planting & Growth Strategy
    2. Identifying Target Demographics & Setting Goals
    3. Intensive Language Training Classes & Lots of Drinking Wine
  3. What Was Going On Up There?
    1. Prayer Together In Community
    2. Faithful Obedience & Patient Waiting
    3. Arrival of the Holy Spirit & taking action @ the right time in response
  4. Why It’s Important
    1. We have a natural inclination to control & construct in our own power.
    2. We try to reconstruct the Acts 2 Church & the Mega-Church Concert.
    3. We try to devise perfectly targeted & executed strategies-our strength.
  5. What Is Important
    1. We overlook what the Disciples were really doing up there & miss out!
    2. Obedience. Prayer. Patience. Waiting. Then taking action.
    3. When we focus on getting close to God, God releases Kingdom power.
  6. Living Faithfully In The Kingdom Power Of The Spirit!
    1. Let’s live & seek God together in faithfulness & prayer & grace!
    2. Learning better when to have patience & when to spring into action.
    3. Participating in the Kingdom by the Spirit’s power instead of our own.


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