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World Communion Sunday: Solidarity Through Christ

World Communion Sunday – Solidarity/Healing

  1. A Handmade Palestinian Christian Cross
    1. Picked specifically for me at my ordination
    2. Solidarity with an overlooked & misunderstood people
    3. Reminded of World Communion Sunday, Solidarity w/Global Church
  2. A World in Dire Need of Reconciliation
    1. Listening and Understanding seem to be out of style
    2. Division and Hatred and Selfishness abounds
      1. Take the examples from this week alone
        1. NFL Flag/Anthem protest
          1. One side expressing solidarity with an oppressed group facing injustice in our country
          2. One side expressing solidarity with our military service members & national heritage/tradition
          3. Neither side expressing solidarity with each other
        2. Puerto Rico hurricane
          1. The cry & crisis comes from a seeming lack of solidarity with a whole region of people
          2. Our expressions of solidarity often seem to get caught up in our biases & prejudices & egocentrism
        3. Elon Musk & Multi-planetary Species
          1. An amazing endeavor of hope and progress
          2. An endeavor that requires a global solidarity
        4. Scripture speaks often and at length about the world’s dire need for reconciliation with God: from Genesis through Revelation
      2. Our Imago Dei and our world needs (Solidarity(Healing)Restoration)
        1. Solidarity: unity or agreement of feeling or action, especially among individuals with a common interest; mutual support within a group.
        2. Restoration: the action of returning something to a former owner, place, or condition.
        3. Healing: the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again.
  1. Compartmentalizing Grace
    1. Boxing grace safely into a ritual can pull it’s transformational teeth
      1. Communion is so very much about solidarity, restoration, healing
      2. The very idea of eating flesh & drinking blood is shocking
      3. The act of God stepping out of glory to take up human flesh is a profound act of solidarity; not just restoration
    2. A means of grace, not just a reminder, but a lifestyle/culture mobilizer
      1. This ritual is supposed to point us to the power of the cross
      2. In the cross, God came in person to bear our pain & death
      3. God gave the ultimate show of solidarity, restoration, & healing
    3. Given the power of liberation & transformation, we put it on the shelf
      1. In the face of such infinite love & mercy, we choose to
        hate & condemn based on whether someone kneels or stands
      2. In the face of such infinite forgiveness, we choose to withhold forgiveness from those we’ve loved for years & decades.
      3. In the face of this world changing act of severe suffering solidarity, we choose to sanitize & simplify & set aside sanctifying grace.
  1. Jesus (God-self) kneels in solidarity with humanity
    1. Stepping down into human flesh in solidarity with us even to death
      1. Jesus didn’t just send a message setting us free from death
      2. Jesus walked alongside us in hunger, pain, and suffering
      3. Jesus led the way to show us victory over death & isolation
    2. Walking alongside those #$%& people in solidarity for restoration
      1. Jesus spent time and showed mercy to lowly people, not elite
      2. Jesus was killed in a horribly lowly and despised manner
      3. Jesus was derided & ridiculed to give victory over death/isolation
    3. Dying in painful isolation showing solidarity with our death predicament
      1. The divine Trinity is a community; mutually indwelling together
      2. Jesus’ experienced isolation in profound solidarity with us
  2. Let us kneel in solidarity with each other
    1. Having received grace, let us not be stingy, but let us share that grace
    2. Reach out in solidarity toward restoration for those missing from us
    3. Reach out in solidarity toward communion with the lost around us
  3. (Solidarity(Healing)Restoration) w/Others This Week
    1. When you have an outrage reaction; pause & seek understanding
    2. Reach out to someone you miss having here; express solidarity
    3. Remember that Communion only STARTS at this table…


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