Peace – Prayer – Joy – Love

Sermons by Reverend Jason Dillingham

Opening a gift

Responding to God’s Gifts

We’ve been talking about Gifts lately.         Christmas Gifts                 Holiday Gifts to Each Other                 Magi Gifts to the Holy Family         Divine Gospel Gifts                 Prophesy Embodied – God in Flesh                 Divine Faithfulness – God’s Generous Legacy         Ministry Partnership Gifts                 Embarking on our Journey Together                 Our New Secretary -…

IN the Spirit of Advent: INvitation

Do you think that Joseph might have felt like those Fumbly Bumbly Angels? Sometimes I feel like those Fumbly Bumbly Angels. Sometimes I think we all feel like those Fumbly Bumbly Angels. Having to “earn” our way in Feeling like we’re constantly evaluated on our performance And feeling like we’re always fumbling & bumbling & falling short How about that Innkeeper? Have…