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Restoration and Preservation Project 2023

Dear Friends and Family,

First Congregational Church of Greenville has resided in the historic corridor of downtown Greenville since 1855. This beautiful building was begun in 1879 as designed by the famous architect E. E. Myers. You might know that he designed our Capitol Building in Lansing, Michigan as well as the capitol buildings in Texas and Colorado.

With this history in mind, the current church is in serious need of restoration and preservation. There has been renovation in previous years but now we need to restore and preserve the structure due to aging. The Rose Window alone is in critical condition. The wood surrounding the window is simply worn out and the sheer size of 16 feet in diameter, makes the structural repair mandatory and urgent. Coverings on all the stained-glass windows were necessary to preserve the beauty and fragile nature of the glass but that too, has become so cloudy that light cannot penetrate. Other immediate repairs are on the outside of the building and with the heating and cooling system inside. Please refer to the list below for specific details.

These needs bring us to reach out to you, our family, and friends of FCC. Can you help with our restoration and preservation efforts to keep this beautiful church for future generations? Please give from your heart, whatever gift you might be able to spare. Your donation is greatly appreciated and will be put to good use. Work is starting soon, and we would love to hear from you. If you choose to write a check, please put ‘Preservation Fund’ on the memo line so your donation goes directly to this project or please use the QR code below.

Thank you for considering the preservation of the 144-year-old building at 126 East Cass Street. If you would like to speak with the church pastor or a member of the Restoration Preservation Committee, please contact the church office at 616-754-3445 and a timely reply will happen.


Restoration and Preservation Project Committee

The Restoration and Preservation Project is in 3 distinct areas:

Rose Window

  • Completely reframe the Rose Window as the wood has deteriorated to unsafe levels.
  • Re-lead all stained glass windows in the whole church.
  • Install newer, stain resistant, clear plexiglass over all the stained-glass windows to restore their beauty and preserve them for the future.


  • Repair, point and tuck all the outside bricks and reseal. Many bricks and mortar are crumbling and unsafe.
  • Paint edge trim around windows, doors, and gables.
  • Repair the roof over the library and offices.

Heating and Cooling System

  • Install all new computer controls for the heating and cooling system.
  • Replace the Air Conditioning Chiller.
  • Add bleeder valves to all piping loops in the system.
  • Replace pumps on the heating system.
  • Upgrade the boiler.

*From this list, it is apparent that professionals with the proper equipment, safety measures, and expertise

are critical. This is not a simple job!


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Worship Services:

  • We are meeting for Sunday Services in our Sanctuary at 10:30 am! 
  • We have Adult Bible Study and Children’s Sunday School classes available before service at 9:30am. *Groups meet September through May.
  • We also have a Nursery Service available during church service. 
  • For those of you who still wish to view the service from your home, please join us for our online services every Sunday at 10:30 am.
  • Our services are posted to our Church website, our new YouTube Channel search ‘First Congregational Church of Greenville Michigan’ and on our Facebook page ‘First Congregational Church of Greenville.’

Church Council News:

We want to thank everyone for continuing to contribute and tithe with us! If you would like to send in a donation or info on how to tithe with us, please call the church office. Your continued support is greatly appreciated!

Office News: 

The office will is Monday through Thursday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm with lunch from 2:00 to 2:30pm. The door is locked; If you need assistance, please call ahead.

  • Members: Please update your contact info with the church office (new phone numbers, email addresses, or mailing address) to receive mailings on upcoming events!

Pastoral Care:

Our team is here for your spiritual & emotional care! To schedule an appointment or visit, please call the church office at (616) 754-3445.

Deacons News: 

  • Meetings are the second Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm.
  • Coffee Service: We hold a coffee service with light refreshments in our Fellowship Hall. Please join us!

Preschool News:

*If you or someone you know is interested in sending their little one to a wonderful, fun & loving Christian based school, please call the church office and a packet can be mailed or emailed to you. For questions or more information please visit our Preschool Facebook page at “Candy Deal-Outman” or call (616) 754-3445.

*Open Registration will begin April 17th. Please visit the links below to download your packet and health appraisal: FCPS Admissions Packet 2024-2025

Christian Ed News:

Sunday School Classes: Our final class will be May 19th. Please join us for service at May 19th to celebrate Children’s Sunday Service, honoring all children and our teachers and volunteers.

  • Children invited to attend Sunday School every Sunday morning at 9:30am! *Classes are held September through May.

  • If you would like to do volunteer to teach a class or help with our Children’s Sermon, please contact the office.


  • Below is information about our 2024 Summer VBS Program! We will meet June 11th through the 14th from 9:30am to 12 (noon). Children Pre-k (potty trained) through 5th grade are welcome to join us! Register your child from by clicking on this link and don’t forget to bring a friend!
  • VBS Registration Information 2024

Women’s Fellowship News:

  • CIRCLE MEETINGS: We have two groups (circles) women can participate in. Our groups meet the First Wednesday of the month beginning in September. Winslow Circle meets at the church at 1:00pm. Call Rosel Eagles if you would like to attend the group. They often have a devotion and fellowship with each other. Bethany Circle meets at 6:30pm. Call Fran Gibbs if you would like more information. This group has chosen a book study about Women of the Bible and they too, have fellowship and pray for others. *The circle groups are on break June through August. 

Choir News:

We are still looking for anyone wanting to join our group to sing, so please consider joining the Chancel Choir this year! No audition is necessary! Rehearsals will begin promptly at 9:30am on the first and Sunday of every month throughout the summer months. If interested in joining us, please contact the church office or come to our rehearsals!

Music Committee News:

If you are interested in providing special music (singing, playing an instrument, playing the piano, etc.), please contact the church office.

PF Youth News:

  • Our Group meets on the first and third Sunday of the month after service.
  • If you have any questions about the group or would like to join one of our events, contact Claude Johnson or the church office.

Community News:

  • Helpful resources right here in Greenville: is the leading online destination for those seeking information and support as they care for aging parents, spouses, and other loved ones. They create free resources that provide comprehensive information on topics like financial support and care options that are available per area. Please check out our website: for more information!
  • FOOD MISSION: The Food Mission is open at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church! Volunteers are needed for Tuesday’s from 10am to 12pm and Wednesdays from 6-7:30pm. If interested, please call Dee Veitengruber at 616-754-1853.


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