Peace – Prayer – Joy – Love

Through Girl Scouts girls discover the fun, friendship, and power of girls together. Through a myriad of enriching experiences such as extraordinary field trips, sports skill-building clinics, community service projects, cultural exchanges, and environmental stewardship girls grow courageous and strong.  Girl Scouting helps girls

  • develop their full individual potential
  • relate to others with increasing understanding, skill, and respect
  • develop values to guide their actions and provide the foundation for sound decision-making
  • and contribute to the improvement of society through their abilities, leadership skills, and cooperation with others.

Please note that each troop plans their own schedules.

To become a leader, other volunteer, or to join a troop, please contact the Grand Rapids Service Center at:  3275 Walker Avenue NW, Grand Rapids MI 49544
Direct: 616.784.3341, Fax: 616.784.8187 or Call us Toll Free: 844-GSMISTS

Girl Scouts Michigan Shore to Shore


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