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Parish Nurse

Our parish nurse ministry is a unique way we help our congregation and our community with health and wellness questions and needs.  Our Parish Nurse program promotes and supports physical, emotional and spiritual wellness by providing education, counseling, advocacy and comfort. Services are available free of charge to church members and the communityfulton-peacock, patrice

We provide education, counseling, assessments and health-care support for all ages- newborn to end of life. Our church maintains a medical supply lending closet that provides items such as wheelchairs, walkers, bandages and other health care items free of charge to anyone in need. Other services include annual flu shot clinic, monthly blood pressure checks, on going bereavement support groups, help with transportation to and from medical appointments, support during surgery, hospitalizations and emergency room visits. We also provide prenatal, labor and delivery and breast feeding support as well as working with the Congregational Preschool to maintain their Health Department reporting, vaccine counseling and preschool wellness.

Appointments may be made by calling the church office. I look forward to supporting your health and wholeness!

Patrice Fulton-Peacock, RN




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